Riley Kirwan

Sales Associate To The Aaron Smith Team


Growing up on the foundations of change, Riley knows all to well how daunting real estate can seem, having experienced life in different states and countries. With the dream to guide people to their forever home, he aims to make the transition as smooth and stress free as he can.

Experiencing all cultures of society is a must for Riley, having travelled all over the globe; including Rome, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bali, to name a few. As he is community orientated at the core, Riley regularly participates in Surf lifesaving volunteer work in the hope to give back to the communities who in turn have provided him with so much.

With an extended customer service background, Riley is more than equipped to understand every need of the client’s, regarding them as more of a friend that he is assisting through the big leap of moving property, every step of the way. Riley is driven to achieve, never willing to back down and will always strive to better himself, constantly working to improve and learn. Store managing has implemented Riley with the knowledge surrounding responsibilities, leadership and a high-level communication setting a strong foundation for the real estate industry.

Under the leadership of industry leading professionals and an award-winning team, Riley believes that his journey in real estate can only grow into a flourishing career and hopes you are one day part of his journey too.


Mobile: 0439 335 531

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